Case Study: RTL8762CJF - Highly Integrated Fetal Heart Rate Monitor/Stethoscope

2022/6/22 13:54:08


New Telemedicine Helper

The impact of the COVID19 epidemic in the past two years has prompted countries to rapidly promote the establishment of telemedicine. Home medical equipment was created to complement the limited physical outpatient services of telemedicine, such as oximeters, blood pressure machines, stethoscopes, etc. Hulu Innovations is dedicated to the detection of human physiological indicators, disease diagnosis and health management through smartphones and wearable technology. This time, we choose to use Realtek Bluetooth RTL8762CJF single-chip solution to develop the latest product "Stemoscope", which is a digital fetal heartbeat monitor and stethoscope that can not only listen to the sound of human heartbeat, but also monitor the health condition of pets.


High Integration Saves Development Costs

The RTL8762CJF single-chip solution is highly integrated. With a large RAM and high-frequency computing capabilities, it combines the superior performance of a low-power ARM Cortex-M4F and a rich set of leading RF transceivers to support powerful feature development and peripherals, saving customers' development costs. It controls the stethoscope at an affordable price for the average family. The size can be even be controlled in a smaller range, like the STEMOSCOPE which is about 38 mm in diameter, 11 mm in thickness, and 30 grams in weight, which is even smaller than the general medical stethoscope, making it very suitable for carrying at any time, and further increasing the usage rate.


High Compatibility and Low Power Bluetooth Transmission

The digital stethoscope transmits the sound via Bluetooth to the smartphone, which processes and amplifies the sound, and then sends the sound to a Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth hearing aid, or wired headset. The RTL8762CJF single chip solution supports analog MIC interface. The interface integrates a sigma-delta ADC, a programmable gain amplifier for voice command applications, a 5-band equalizer, and a microphone bias circuit, enabling clear reception of sound through a single MIC. Currently, we have tested more than 200 common cell phone models in the market, giving it the advantage of high compatibility for customers to choose when developing. In addition, low-power transmission has always been a major advantage of the Realtek Bluetooth chip, and the RTL8762CJF single-chip solution allows the stethoscope to support 5 hours of uninterrupted detection once full.

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