Embedded World 2024 Exhibition Information
Apr 9-11, 2024
NürnbergMesse GmbH / Exhibition Centre Nuremberg
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IC name:RTL8752HMF

  • Features:• BLE5.3, 15.4, 2.4G
  • • CM0@40MHz
  • • 120KSRAM, 512KB Flash
  • • QFN40
  • • Mesh 1.1
  • • Low Power
  • Application:• Home appliance
  • • Toy
  • • Health care
  • • Industry


IC name:RTL8720DF

  • Features:• Wi-Fi 4 1x1 2.4GHz/5GHz
  • • BLE 5.0
  • • KM4@200MHz + KM0@20MHz
  • • 512KB SRAM + 4MB PSRAM (Opt.)
  • • Rich Peripherals
  • • Mesh 1.1
  • • Low Power
  • Application:• Home appliance
  • • Door lock
  • • Industrial Automation
  • • Health Care

Exhibition Gentle Reminder

01 Opening Hours: 2024/4/9~2024/4/11 9:00-18:00

02 To visit the Embedded World exhibition, please present an admission ticket. Register at this link and enter the Realtek exclusive voucher code: ew24531110, to receive a free ticket.

03 For more information about the exhibition, please visit the Embedded World official website