Realtek offers a broad portfolio of Bluetooth audio solutions

If you need to add Bluetooth audio functionality to your products, Realtek’s BumbleBee series is definitely your best choice. It offers a range of benefits that makes it a popular choice for listening to music and other audio content. The convenience, mobility, compatibility, range, audio quality, and multi-connect support make it a versatile and practical solution for many users. In a short, it offers high-quality audio, reliable wireless connectivity and low power consumption.

In addition, BumbleBee series supports bluetooth legacy, bluetooth low energy (BLE) providing flexibility in high-speed data transfer for streaming audio and low-power data transfer for small amounts of data. It also equip with the LE audio protocols suitable for audio broadcasting and multilingual audio application in public venue.

The Bumblebee series consists of a series of platforms ranging from cost-effectiveness to high-performance, with different package sizes, GPIO counts, SDK tools, audio codec features, noise cancellation algorithms, power management, amplifiers, etc. to meet your various needs.

Typical Common Applications

BT Audio Selection Table

Application ScenarioAudio transmitter/audio receiver
BT versionBT 5.3
BLE audioRTL8763EFL, RTL8763EAU, RTL8763EW-VP only
PackageQFN-50 4x6mm (RTL8763ESE and RTL8763EAU) QFN-40 4x6mm (RTL8763EFL) QFN-68 7x7mm (RTL8763EWE-VP) BGA-149 7x7mm(RTL8763EW-VC)
Security engineSecure Boot(RSA-2048) , SHA256 signature AES128/256
RAM size532KB shared RAM
MCU core@max clk rateReal-M300, 32-bit ARMv8M mainline processor@100MHz
DSP coreTensilica HiFi mini compatible
embedded Flash size4MB
Available GPIO number9 / 12 / 30 / 59
I/O ADC (max)4CH 12bits
USBHigh speed (RTL8763ESE, RTL8763EAU and RTL8763EW-VC only)
I2S2 Formats : Left-Justified, PCM mode-A, PCM mode-B Application sampling rate : 48KHz Master and slave mode No master clock (MCLK) output
Aux inL and R 2 channels
UART3 Debug log, HCI UART or data UART
I2C3 master/Slave mode Max data rate is 400Kbps
SPI3 One master/slave dual mode, two master mode only
SDIO1 bit mode (RTL8763EWE-VP) 1 and 4 bit mode (RTL8763EW-VC)
SPIC0/1SPIC0 : external flash I/F (RTL8763EWE-VP/RTL8763EW-VC) SPIC1 : external SRAM IF (RTL8763EW-VC)

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