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With the rapid development of smart homes, the traditional mechanical switches on the walls have gradually been replaced by smart switches. Most normal households are single-live-wire wiring. In the upgrade, it is often required that the smart switch can directly replace the old mechanical switch without re-wiring. The single-live wire intelligent switch is a perfect fit.

What is a single-live-wire? The schematic diagram of a traditional single-line mechanical switch is as follows:

In the figure, there is one live wire (L) and one neutral wire (N), when the light bulb is connected to the live wire and the neutral wire, the current is ready, and the light bulb is lit. In the figure, you can see that a live wire in, and a live wire out. This is called a single live wire switch.

The Single-wire smart switch application diagram is as shown as follows:

The Single-wire smart switch has the characteristics of IOT and low power consumption, and needs to solve the "ghostfire" phenomenon (sparkling).

Realtek AmebaD RTL872xD provides smart switch with: Dual Band Wi-Fi networking, ultra-low power consumption and energy saving.

Realtek RTL8762C series single live wire switch supports docking with Xiaomi Mijia platform and Ali Tmall Genie platform, ultra-low power consumption, and is suitable for all series of lamps.

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