Realtek RTL8763ESE Bluetooth Solution - A New Smart Experience in Riding Safety

2023/12/18 15:27:33

Driven by modern technology, in the world of contemporary riding, the integration of safety and technology has become indispensable. JARVISH has created a smart riding safety product - the Flash X2 helmet, utilizing the Realtek Bluetooth RTL8763ESE solution, provided by BTC Group. The Flash X2 helmet not only offers solid physical protection but also integrates cutting-edge technology, bringing riders an unprecedented smart riding experience.

The Realtek Bluetooth makes commands clearer and easier to understand

The core of the Flash X2 helmet lies in its advanced Realtek RTL8763ESE Bluetooth control IC. This not only provides a stable Bluetooth BT5.3 connection but also supports multiple Bluetooth functions such as A2DP, AVRCP, and HFP. This means riders can connect their phones while riding to enjoy music or make calls, while still keeping their hands focused on controlling the vehicle. The helmet also supports custom alert tones and UART command sets for functions like play/pause, volume control, and EQ switching, allowing developers and end-users to adjust settings to their personal preference. Moreover, the audio quality experience has reached a new level. With the added Audio Amplifier circuit, it provides clearer and more dynamic sound, enriching the listening experience during calls and music playback. It not only enhances the joy of riding but also makes receiving navigation instructions or important notifications through the headphones clearer and easier to understand.

Unique Product Identity Setup

Through the use of Device Name suffix technology, each helmet is given a unique identity based on its distinct MAC address. This personalized design not only allows every rider to easily identify their own gear but also enhances the security between devices, reducing the chances of confusion or incorrect connections.

Various Connection Ports and Channels Provided

The Realtek RTL8763ESE Bluetooth solution offers a variety of connection ports and channels. First, there is the Aux in x 1ch auxiliary input port, a single-channel interface designed specifically for connecting external audio devices such as smartphones, MP3 players, or other audio equipment. Then, there is the External AMIC connector x 1ch, a connector designed for external analog microphones. Through this single-channel analog microphone interface, riders can connect an external microphone to ensure good communication quality in various environments. In terms of audio quality, the Speaker out connector is designed as LP/LN/RP/RN, providing complete output for left and right audio channels and ensuring the correctness of speaker connections. Finally, there are GPIO x 2ch, the versatility of these general-purpose input/output ports allows the helmet to perform more customizations and expansions. Whether it's used for controlling LED light switches or reading button states, these GPIO ports add even more possibilities for smart functionality to the helmet.

Through Realtek's RTL8763ESE Bluetooth solution, BTC offers modules with a compact size, compliant with  RoHS & Reach standards. This collaboration case with JARVISH - the Flash X2 helmet, combines the latest technology with user-friendly design, making the helmet not just a safety protector but also a gateway to a smart riding experience.