• 2022-09-28

    The Bluetooth universal remote control in this cooperative case uses the RTL8752CJF ultra-low power solution, a remote control that can update the infrared code library through smart devices. The infrared database combined with the RTL8752CJF's ultra-low power consumption and excellent RF performance can be used to develop highly versatile remote control functions.

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  • 2022-09-16

    The ASWE Asia Smart Wearable Exhibition was hosted by 52audio.com in Shenzhen, China. This year, the exhibition was in Hall 2 of the Shenzhen Convention and the Exhibition Center was in Shenzhen's Futian District. The Smart Wearable Exhibition is now in its fifth year. The exhibition drew in Bluetooth headset brands, manufacturers, solution providers and agents, with more than 50 speakers and 200 companies participating in the exhibition. Realtek also showcased Bluetooth headset and hearing aid solutions at the on-site corporate booth, such as a Bluetooth 5.3 Audio SoC with an AI ENC (RTL8753EFE), Bluetooth 5.3 Audio SoC with 3D sound effects & gaming mode (RTL8753BFE-VQ), Bluetooth 5.3 Audio SoC with ANC & BLE Audio (RTL8773ESL), Bluetooth 5.3 Audio SoC with BLE Audio (RTL8763EFL), etc. In addition to providing customers with a better understanding of the differences and advantages of these solutions, we also can procure potential customers.

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  • 2022-08-29

    The "Magic Pearl" is an all-in-one fingerprint and Bluetooth SoC Turnkey Solution, based on Realtek's RTL8762D, which leverages Bluetooth’s stable wireless transmission, the QFN small package advantage, and the ultra-low power consumption of the RTL8762D. The design can be used as a reference for direct mass production of customer smart locks, or can be reconfigured according to development needs. In addition, MagicInfo's 6th generation fingerprint recognition intelligent self-learning algorithm supports all kinds of mainstream sensors, meaning it can serve as the product’s high-performance master chip while also allowing for relatively convenient product installation.

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  • 2022-08-18

    The RTL8762E series support proprietary 2.4GHz and BLE protocol for wireless keyboards and mice with the advantages of ultra-low power consumption, ultra-low latency, adaptive frequency hopping, anti-interference capability and multi-device switching.

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  • 2022-07-22

    Realtek's RTL8762DT ultra-low power Bluetooth solution. The RTL8762DT supports Bluetooth 5.1, with a 90MHZ high frequency ARM Cortex M4F processor and high Flash memory. Its high integration is very suitable for the wearable market applications.

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