RTL8762E series support 2.4GHz proprietary and Bluetooth low energy protocol

2022/8/18 10:06:53


The RTL8762E is a master and wireless transceiver chip that combines the superior performance of an RF radio transceiver with a low-power ARM Cortex-M0+, power management unit, ADC and flexible I/O distribution controller. The RTL8762E memory architecture includes a 104kByte RAM and up to 8M-bit MCM Flash. The maximum RF transmitting power is 8dBm, and the reception sensitivity of 1Mbps is -97dBm. The ultra-low-power continuous reception state of the entire chip is 5.3mA, and the 0dBm continuous transmitting state power consumption is 5.9mA. To meet high performance needs, you can also consider low-power characteristics, and reduced energy consumption speed to improve power usage relative to the use of time, which improves the product's endurance.

High keyboard and mouse application freedom for easy, customizable communication protocols

The RTL8762E series support proprietary 2.4GHz and BLE protocol for wireless keyboards and mice with the advantages of ultra-low power consumption, ultra-low latency, adaptive frequency hopping, anti-interference capability and multi-device switching.

The RTL8762E not only possesses an adaptive frequency hopping feature, but can also prevent interference from other Wi-Fi, BT, BLE or 2.4G ISM bands. With a low latency of less than 1ms, it can ensure its connection remains stable. In addition, it can also support multi-device Windows/Linux/Mac switching, showcasing high compatibility and freedom.




RTL8762E series support proprietary 2.4GHz and BLE protocol for easy, customizable communication protocols, ultra-low power and high-performance requirements.The 2.4GHz private protocol features of RTL8762E are as follows:

  • Frequency Band: 2348MHz ~ 2530MHz, 1MHz Step
  • Bit Rate: Support 1Mbps and 2Mbps
  • Configurable Packet Format, Payload up to 1023 Bytes
  • Support 2 Channel Rx Simultaneous
  • Support CRC/Whitening
  • Support PSD(Power Spectrum Detection) for channel detection and real-time updating
  • DMA Data Transfer
  • TRX Modes:
    • One-shot Rx/Continuous Periodic Rx
    • One-shot Tx/Continuous Periodic Tx/GPIO triggered Tx
    • Auto Acknowledge (ACK)

Click to download RTL8762E SDK 2.4G