Make internet of everything become possible

RTL8762 series not only supports standard SIG Mesh, but also uses a deeply optimized and stable SDK. In addition, the IC supports excellent multi-master and multi-slave functions, which can build private Mesh internet based on GATT connection, to actualize the device's AD hoc network function.

System Structure

Advantage of Solution

Excellent performance

Haven been verified by actual projects, the Mesh protocol stack targeted optimizing and improving the efficiency of Mesh communication, which satisfies the requirement of efficient communication in large-scale application scenarios.

Mature and stable, proven by large scale

Had been connected to Tmall, Xiaomi, Xiaodu, Huawei, Haier and other platforms for batch shipment, meaning it is a mature solution.

Completed development kits

Full-featured Mesh SDK, includes various product prototype engineering and mobile phone Mesh SDK, OTA SDK, which greatly reduces customer's development workload and accelerates the implementation of project.