Realtek Exhibits Communication Network Solutions for All Applications at Embedded World

2024/4/8 15:54:39

Realtek Semiconductor will participate in the globally acclaimed top technology event — the 2024 Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany, from April 9th to 11th. This exhibition, attracting professional audiences from 75 countries, is an eagerly anticipated annual international feast for cooperation and exchange. Realtek will showcase comprehensive communication network solutions for all applications, covering a wide range, and including automotive chips, Wi-Fi 7 routers, industrial-grade Ethernet switches, PON SoCs, Bluetooth, and IoT solutions. Each exhibit embodies the pursuit of network communication technology, with solutions also integrating AI intelligent applications to provide efficient technical support for smart products.

Enhancing the Security and Efficiency of Vehicle Networks

Automotive solutions include both wired and wireless applications, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet. Among these, the Ethernet solution series is characterized by enhanced network security for vehicle networks through MACsec, providing secure communication channels for in-vehicle Ethernet backbones and sensors. The latest 1000BASE-T1 PHY Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) technology can reduce power consumption by 50%, making it highly suitable for vehicular networks. Additionally, the highly integrated automotive Ethernet switch controllers, with MACsec protection and deep packet inspection capabilities, support critical vehicle systems such as IVI and ADAS controllers. Center console and infotainment systems can also be equipped with Realtek's automotive Wi-Fi and Bluetooth solutions, offering car manufacturers a diverse range of connectivity options.

Industrial-Grade Ethernet Switches and Application Solutions Suitable for Any PON

In today's industrial environments, high efficiency and flexible connectivity are highly valued. Realtek's industrial-grade Ethernet switch solutions offer a diverse range of connectivity options, from 2 to 48 ports and from 10/100M to 10GbE, meeting a wide variety of market demands. These switches support managed, web-smart, and unmanaged devices suitable for various usage applications. The low-power designs further reduce operational costs and are compatible with the IEEE 802.3az standard, embodying high energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.

In the rapidly developing FTTH market, Realtek possesses comprehensive solutions suitable for various PON applications, meeting the flexible needs of telecom operators and network administrators. The solutions support wired connection speeds from 1G to 10G and include Wi-Fi 5, 6, and 7 technologies. Through such an all-encompassing, highly adaptable, and forward-looking design, Realtek can provide long-term reliable support for the FTTH market.

The Latest Wi-Fi 7 Technology in AP Router Solutions

The introduction of Wi-Fi 7 technology further enhances the network's anti-interference capabilities, ensuring stability and improving the network's throughput, as well as expanding the coverage area. Realtek, with its high-speed ARM CPU and three packet engines, redefines the performance of wireless communication, providing a unified platform to simplify the development and deployment of Wi-Fi 7 solutions. The 4T5R configuration not only enhances the signal coverage area but also ensures high reliability of connections. Through its SoC single-chip design, with built-in memory up to 4Gb and support for 2.5G WAN/LAN, it can meet the wide-ranging demands of modern high-speed internet.

AIoT Solutions: Diverse Smart Applications

Realtek's low-power AI network camera solution integrates a nine-in-one wireless dual-band camera SoC technology. This solution features extremely fast millisecond-level startup speed and rapid response capability. The SoC is equipped with an AI NN acceleration engine, supporting efficient local AI computing. This advanced technology is highly suitable for various applications requiring high-performance AI image recognition, such as Wi-Fi doorbells, low-power security cameras, etc.

Realtek's IoT solutions have been widely adopted in smart appliances of numerous well-known brands. Recently, new Wi-Fi IoT solutions for new energy, low power consumption, and AIoT Audio have been launched. These are suitable for various scenarios such as micro inverters, portable energy storage, home energy storage applications, low-power IP Camera products, wearable products, smart door lock transmission modules, home theaters, Wi-Fi speakers, and AI recording cards, bringing AIoT into practical use in consumer and industry products. Among these, the Wi-Fi IoT new energy and low-power solutions support Wi-Fi 2.4G/5G dual-band to meet network needs across different frequency bands. They comply with industrial standards for temperature ranges and offer excellent ESD protection and RF characteristics. The low-power solutions are specifically enhanced to reduce power consumption, making them ideal for smart devices requiring long battery life.

AIoT Audio supports a Wi-Fi 5G high-throughput audio solution that features an audio-specific hardware synchronization mechanism, high processing speed CPU/MCU, and low latency capabilities. The transmission specification of this solution adopts dual-band Wi-Fi 6 (2.4GHz/5GHz) and dual-mode BT 5.2 SoC, capable of supporting audio playback up to 96KHz/24bit/7.1 channels, effectively enhancing the quality and listening experience of the audio.

Matter over Thread and Integrated Bluetooth Audio Solutions

Realtek's Bluetooth solutions blend exceptional RF performance, unparalleled compatibility, intuitive development tools, and rapid, comprehensive technical support, offering developers a complete set of tools and resources for quick and efficient Bluetooth application development. Additionally, Realtek's Matter over Thread solutions, including Matter over Thread End Device, Thread Border Router, and Thread Leader/Thread Router, easily facilitate building a highly compatible smart home system. This solution uses OpenThread on set-top boxes as a border router, integrating Wi-Fi and Thread protocols and enabling control of home lighting via 86 boxes, controlling Matter outlets through wireless routers, and seamlessly integrating with existing Google systems for easy user adoption.

Realtek's Bluetooth solutions, equipped with advanced transceiver controllers, low-power MCUs, and Bluetooth audio MCUs, demonstrate their broad applicability and diversity across multiple fields. Whether it's OWS (Open-Ear Wireless Stereo) earbuds, charging cases for smart displays, multifunctional 3-in-1 dongles, smart dashboards for electric bicycles, Find My Card and Find My Tag, or smart electronic labels, these Bluetooth solutions stand out due to their intuitive development tools and swift, comprehensive technical support.

Realtek Semiconductor has demonstrated its profound technical expertise and strength across multiple cutting-edge fields, continuously driving technological progress and shaping the intelligent future. Through the Embedded World exhibition, it looks forward to joining forces with global professionals to explore the boundless possibilities of chip technology together, paving the way for a broader vision for the future of network communications.