Interview with Realtek's Bluetooth Chip Medical Achievements

2021/8/2 14:35:35

Bluetooth Solution RTL8762CMF application – TEMP 14+ Days tracks temperature data perfectly

With the outbreak of COVID-19 at the end of 2019, many medical staff faced an increased risk of infection as they needed to took patients' body temperature in a short distance multiple times. Starmen's TEMP 14+ Days, a temperature sensor patch, was created to alleviate such burden on the medical staff. Starmen selected Realtek to launch the collaboration for the first time after consultation with multiple parties in the three markets of the U.S., Taiwan, and China. Through an exclusive interview given by Johnny Lin, President of Starmen, we will learn how TEMP 14+ Days was developed and how Bluetooth Solution RTL8762CMF is applied to products.



1.Could you briefly introduce the Team spirit and the services provided by Starmen?

As a professional design company for optical power supplies, Starmen started with the light balance of plasma TVs in the early days. Due to changes in the environment and the market, we have successively invested in smart power supplies and began to develop FDM 3D printers in 2014. In 2018, we launched a large-sized light-curing SLA model to quickly develop and integrate the industrial design of the appearance and the internal structure and the electronic substrate, thereby saving more than half of the sample launch time.


2.Why would your company want to develop TEMP 14+ Days? What is the purpose of the product?

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 at the end of 2019, ear thermometers and forehead thermometers all over the world were out of stock, and the number of medical staff infected with the pandemic surged due to close contact with patients a month later. It was later confirmed that temperature measurement at a short distance would cause droplet infection. Therefore, we were thinking about how to prevent or reduce the contact between doctors and patients. Through accurate and automatic measurement of patients' temperature, we could reduce the workload of doctors and nurses. These have become our development goals and priorities.


3.Why did you choose to work with Realtek for its Bluetooth chips?

Starmen has always focused on the development of power supplies with high requirements for the quality of power supplies, and we use foreign solutions at a higher cost for 50% of our parts. At the beginning of the process, we evaluated the solutions in the three markets of the U.S., Taiwan, and China. As we adopted low-power transmission and a group management model for the first time, we, to quickly solve design blind spots, enhance production management, and facilitate sales, decided to work with Realtek based in Taiwan. Realtek's solution is of high quality, and it provides comprehensive development services to clients.


4.How is Bluetooth solution RTL8762MFT applied to TEMP 14+ Days?

TEMP 14+ Days adopts Realtek's Bluetooth RTL8762CMF as we aim to reduce the number of replacements for personal hygiene. The ultra-low power consumption design of Realtek's Bluetooth RTL8762CMF satisfies our needs very well. After experimental testing, it can be used for temperature measurement for more than 100 days (can be used continuously after power on at least eight times a day to access the signal). In addition, Wi-Fi is usually avoided in hospitals as the high-power consumption affects other medical equipment, so the low-power design of the Bluetooth solution is the most appropriate. We have also developed a POST Box with the goal of collecting 30 people's temperature data at each time from their temperature patches. Meanwhile, we have kept in mind the issue of personal privacy. Users can authorize whether their patch data can be accessed, and even the data can be accessed by area. In this way, we can achieve the security management purpose at different areas of a company, and track whether users' data is accessed by people in different areas.



5.What are your goals in the medical field in the future?

This is our first entry into the medical field. With this solution as the foundation, we can access data from new types of sensors, such as light sources or pressure sensors. After calculations through software and firmware, and we can transfer the data to the back-end server for big data analyses to improve the services of telemedicine and AI cloud hospitals. This will give a boost to the future elderly care and rural medical services.


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