Make dashboards become smarter and more convenient

The dashboard connects with smart phone through a low energy Bluetooth interface, and can actualize many intelligent functionality, such as mobile phone navigation, calling notification, phone call answering control and message notification, all of which makes the dashboard display more intelligent, and helps consumers have a complete and safe riding experience.

Practical Application Case

Use a single BLE SoC as the dashboard's main control, interface the screen through QSPI or i8080 interface and connect with smart phone, to actualize the low-cost smart dashboard solution.

Smart Display

Advantage of Solution


Connect BLE with a smart phone, allowing you to realize:
• Real-time navigation;
• Message notification;
• Phone call answering control.

Low cost

Use one BLE SoC to actualize a single-chip solution, screen display, BLE connection and other functions, with a high degree of integration and an extreme reduction to the cost of the solution.

Completed development kits

Full-featured dashboard SDK, with supporting mobile phone APP engineering, which greatly reduces customer's development workload and accelerates the implementation of project.

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