Make dashboards become smarter and more convenient

The dashboard connects with the smart phone through BLE interface, which makes the dashboard display richer, smarter and more convenient, and improves user experience.

Practical Application Case

BLE Dashboard Solution:

Use one single BLE SoC as the dashboard's main controller, drive the screen through QSPI, i8080 or RGB interface, and connect with smart phone, to actualize the low-cost smart dashboard solution.

BLE Dashboard Solution

Dual-mode Bluetooth Dashboard Solution:

As an A2DP sink device, the dashboard is connected to a smart phone to support audio playback; at the same time, it can also be connected to a MIC array to realize offline or online voice recognition, endowing the vehicle with smart functions of voice interaction and offline audio playback.

Dual-mode Bluetooth Dashboard Solution

Advantage of Solution


By connecting BLE with a smart phone, allowing you to realize:
• Real-time navigation;
• Message notification;
• Phone call answering control;
• Bluetooth automatic unlocking.

Low cost

Use one BLE SoC to actualize a single-chip solution, with screen display, BLE connection and other functions. High degree of integration, extremely reduce the cost of the solution, improve the competitiveness of the solution.

Completed development kits

Full-featured dashboard SDK/HDK, UI design tool, with supporting mobile phone APP engineering, which greatly reduces customer's development workload and accelerates the implementation of project.

Smart Display SoC Selection Table

Part Number RTL8772G RTL8763EW RTL8762D
Protocol BLE BR / EDR / BLE BLE
MCU CM55 125MHz Real-M300 100MHz CM4F 90MHz
SRAM 384KB 578KB 192KB
LCD Interface I8080 / QSPI / RGB I8080 / QSPI I8080 / QSPI
LCD Driver Ability 960 x 480@30FPS 500 x 500@30FPS 454 x 454@30FPS
CAN yes no no
Package QFN88 QFN68/76, BGA149 QFN40/48/68
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