With the improvement of technology, IoT has entered thousands of households. Daily household appliances are gradually connected through IoT, using millisecond-level intelligent linkage. As an important protective barrier of the home, door locks will enter the smart door locks era as well. The warming up of the smart door lock industry and landing of products in 2018 is the highlight of whole smart home industry.

Practical Application Case

Advanced level:

Advanced level

Intermediate level:

Intermediate level

Entry level:

Entry level

Advantage of Solution

Rich main control resource

Supports Bluetooth 5.0, ultra-low power consumption, combined with an ARM Cortex processor. Flexible GPIO design and sensitive reception range, widely used in all kinds of products.

Low cost

Use one BLE SoC to actualize a single-chip solution, realize BLE connection and other functions, with high degree of integration, extremely reduce the cost of solution.

Completed development kits

Full-featured SDK, with supporting mobile phone APP engineering, which greatly reduces a customer's development workload and accelerates the implementation of a project.

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