2024 Computex : Realtek's Bluetooth Solutions Recap

2024/7/8 16:45:05

This year's Computex is positioned as "Connecting AI, Co-creating the Future," focusing on themes such as AI computing, advanced communications, future mobility, immersive reality, green energy sustainability, and innovation. Realtek showcased a variety of smart solutions in Bluetooth, including Matter over Wi-Fi and Thread IoT solutions, Chat GPT AI solutions, and Human Interface Device (HID) solutions, offering customers new application directions and bringing more convenient lifestyles to users.

Matter over Wi-Fi and Thread IoT Solutions

Realtek Provides 4 Matter Chipset Solutions, with 3 Different Access Controls, including Voice Control, Remote Controller, Thread Radio Co-Processor (RCP) and Display Control as Matter Switch. These solutions enhance connectivity and convenience for smart homes.

1. Voice Control : RTL872x / RTL8730 Series

1.1 Matter over Wi-Fi Node Solution.

1.2 Control via voice assistants (such as Alexa, Apple HomePod, Google Nest, etc.), which can connect to cloud services.

1.3 Use Wi-Fi network to connect and control these devices, enabling remote control and voice commands.

2. Remote Controller : RTL8762 Series / Thread Radio Co-Processor (RCP) : RTL871HV / RTL8771GUV

2.1 Matter over Thread Radio Co-Processor (RCP) Solution.

2.2 Connect via an Open Thread Border Router (OTBR), which can run on Android 12, Linux, or Ubuntu systems.

2.3 Use Thread to achieve low-power, low-latency device connection and control.

3. Display Control as Matter Switch : RTL8777G Series

3.1 Matter over Thread Node/Display Solution.

3.2 Can be connected and controlled directly through the Thread, suitable for smart home environments requiring high-density connections.

3.3 The advantage of the Thread lies in its mesh structure, which can provide stable connections and wide coverage.

Chat GPT AI Solutions

In today's smart wearable device sector, the combination of Bluetooth technology and AI is becoming a trend. Realtek's Bluetooth AI watch and headset solutions showcased at computex are designed to meet future usage needs and become the best assistant for smart living.

The ChatGPT Bluetooth AI Watch RTL8773EWE series integrates ChatGPT and features listening, speaking, and display capabilities. It is equipped with a 2.5D GPU and an Auracast assistant, providing powerful voice interaction functions.

The ChatGPT headset solution RTL8763E series is an AI headset solution with ChatGPT voice recognition and feedback functions. It supports USB audio and Human Interface Device (HID) transmission, as well as both classic Bluetooth and low-energy Bluetooth connections.

Human Interface Device (HID) Solutions

In today, where digital office and mobile entertainment are flourishing, efficient and multifunctional Human Interface Device (HID) solutions are becoming increasingly important. To meet this demand, Realtek has launched various HID solutions that significantly enhance the user experience for devices such as mouse, keyboards, and headset.

1. World 1st 2x8K Human Interface Device (HID) SoC for Mouse & Keyboard : RTL8762G Series

1.1 Integrating USB 2.0 HS, BLE, and 2.4GHz functionalities, it supports three mode switches: BLE/2.4GHz/USB HS, allowing the device to be flexibly utilized for different connection needs.

1.2 USB Reporting Rate 8K, Wireless Report Rate 8K.

1.3 Highly utilized bandwidth management and customized data compression algorithm.

1.4 Effective lost packet concealment mechanism and excellent Anti-Interference performance.

2. Office 3-in-One Human Interface Device (HID) Dongle Solution : RTL8763EAU

This HID dongle solution requires only one USB port, saving USB sockets while expanding the bandwidth of PC devices. Its no-pairing feature and compatibility with multiple brands of devices make it widely used in office environments.

3. BLE Audio Sharing and Human Interface Device (HID) Dongle Solution : RTL8763EAU for Dongle / RTL8762G for HID / RTL8763E (73D) for LEA Headset

3.1 RTL8763EAU HID Dongle for HID and Auracast TX.

3.2 RTL8762G 3 modes: BLE/2.4GHz/USB HS,USB Reporting Rate 8K, Wireless Report Rate 8K.

3.3 Auracast Audio Sharing SDK for Easy bring up.

3.4 RTL8763E and RTL8773D LEA Headset Solution.

3.5 Application: PC/TV Peripheral and Docking.

3.6 One- Stop Solution for HID+Aurcast.

Dual Bluetooth A2DP/BIS Solution for In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI)  System

The RTL8761B and RTL8761C (LE Audio) series provide advanced in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems with Bluetooth dual-channel A2DP/BIS solutions, meeting various Bluetooth audio needs.

This solution allows both the driver and passengers to use different Bluetooth audio sources simultaneously, supporting multipoint Bluetooth stereo audio transmission (A2DP). The RTL8761B/C series provides dual-channel Bluetooth stereo transmission for IVI audio sources, ensuring high-quality audio playback. The RTL8761C supports LE Audio's Connected Isochronous Stream (CIS) and Broadcast Isochronous Stream (BIS), enhancing audio transmission efficiency. An efficient BT Stack library and SDK shorten time-to-market and reduce development workload. Additionally, these series support dual Human Interface Device (HID) connections, enhancing device interoperability and offering a comprehensive solution for in-vehicle entertainment systems.

World Leading Bluetooth Hearing Aid SoC Solution

Realtek showcased its world-leading Bluetooth hearing aid solutions, including the Bluetooth hearing aid turn-key solution and the AI hearing aid solution utilizing the Auracast SoC.

The Bluetooth hearing aid turn-key solution RTL8773D offers advanced features to address users' hearing issues. This solution has a group delay of only 3 milliseconds, meeting the industry's lowest latency standard and effectively reducing delay problems. With active occlusion reduction and own voice reduction features, users can enjoy a more natural auditory experience. The AI neural network noise reduction intelligently reduces ambient noise, enhancing speech clarity. Additionally, the solution includes De-howling, impulse and wind noise reduction, ensuring excellent sound quality in various environments. The self-fit hearing SW SDK allows users to make personalized adjustments based on their needs, providing robust support for improved hearing.

The AI hearing aid RTL8773D, utilizing the Auracast SoC solution, offers advanced AI noise reduction and AI-assisted beamforming functions to ensure a clear auditory experience. This hearing aid features a group delay of only 3 milliseconds, achieving truly natural sound effects. Additionally, it is the world's first SoC with active occlusion reduction and own voice reduction features, enhancing user comfort. The RTL8773D also provides up to 12k Hz hearing aid bandwidth, meeting high-end hearing aid standards. Its 24-wide dynamic range compression system (WDRC) and 64-channel signal processing technology ensure excellent sound quality. Adaptive feedback cancellation, De-howling, impulse noise reduction, and wind noise reduction functions further enhance auditory performance in various environments.

Charging Case with Integrated Display and Audio Solutions

1. World 1st TWS Charging Box with Display : RTL8762D Series

Utilizing BLE 5.1 technology and equipped with a Cortex M4F 90MHz processor, this series supports an I8080 interface display. It features three SPIC interfaces for Flash, PSRAM, and display, and includes a DMA GUI engine to provide a smooth user experience. Available in QFN 48 or 56 package options, it enhances device integration and design flexibility.

2. 2nd Generation (Display with Auracast ) : RTL8762G Series / RTL8763E Series

The RTL8762G series supports BLE 5.3, TrustZone, and PPE1.0 2D engine, featuring RAMLESS LCD and various interface options. The RTL8763E series supports BT 5.3, Hi-Fi Mini, and Direct Memory Access (DMA) GUI engine, and is equipped with multiple interfaces. Both series support Auracast assistant functionality, providing excellent audio and display performance.

Dual Bluetooth Findmy and off-Line KWS Solutions

The RTL8752/RTL8762 series offers dual Bluetooth Find My solutions for iOS and Android, supporting both Apple's and Google's Find My protocols. This allows users to locate the same Find My accessories, ensuring compatibility across both ecosystems.

The RTL8773B/RTL8753B series is suitable for Off-Line KWS solutions for smart home devices. It does not require a network and supports voice triggers, ambient lighting control, and voice assistants for tasks such as device activation and device locating, providing a convenient device control experience.

This year, Realtek showcased a variety of innovative Bluetooth solutions at Computex, combining AI smart applications to continuously expand the field of Bluetooth intelligent applications, providing customers with solutions that better meet market demands.

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