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2024/5/27 15:56:28

Unisem Electronics CEO C K Unnikrishnan stated: [ Realtek's background of cutting edge technology, good support from the team and current India market opportunity for BLE/Wi-Fi modules and other products from Realtek line.]

Unisem is committed to enabling customers to Dream, Build and Launch into the global ESDM space. They provide practical commitments and leverage their expertise in electronic system design and manufacturing to help customers rapidly pivot, survive and flourish in a dynamic business environment.

To delve deeper into the motivation and the story behind the collaboration between Unisem Electronics and Realtek, we have specially invited the CEO of Unisem Electronics, C K Unnikrishnan, to share insights on the future development prospects of both parties in the Indian market and the unique advantages brought about by this partnership.

1. Could you introduce the core business of Unisem Electronics and its market position in India?

Unisem Electronics, based out of Bangalore, India's silicon valley, is into ESDM encompassing Design/Supply chain & manufacturing. With a wide spectrum of customers ranging from Tier 1 organisations like Bosch/continental/Tata to upcoming startups, Unisem is poised to address the fast growing Indian market .Unisem is targeting Design & manufacturing services to sunrise segments like Drones/EVs/IOT & rapidly creating a strong customer base.

2. What is the current situation and challenges faced by ESDM space in the Indian market?

India lacks a robust ESDM supply chain and strong competition from China. The other issues faced are high cost of finance ,lack of very competent work force , but with the global & Indian movement towards China+1 policy , the opportunities are manifold.

3. What specific measures has your company taken to achieve a production yield of 99.7%?

Unisem has made strategic partnerships with large Global distributors like Arrow/WPG as design partner and worked with global majors like Realtek for various projects. We have built a strong core team with domain expertise in Design and Manufacturing. This team is well experienced and have worked in large ESDM organisations and brings to the table substantial domain expertise and we use Industry best practices to ensure consistent quality .

4. What was the reason for choosing to collaborate with Realtek?

Realtek's background of cutting edge technology, good support from the team and  current India market opportunity for BLE/Wi-Fi modules and other products from Realtek line. The Indian government is encouraging "make in India" especially in the ESDM sector . As a SME , Unisem would like to take advantage of this by collaborating with Realtek to design & deploy various products in the Indian market . India has imposed a steep duty structure on module import and with local design and manufacture , Unisem provides a good workaround by designing and making in India. Realtek as a brand has good recall in the Indian market and it will be easier to promote Realtek semiconductor which has a wide product range.

5. Can you share how Realtek's technology has helped you address the deficiencies in India's ESDM space?

Realtek has as a wide product basket with which Unisem can target multiple market segments. India is seeing a major upsurge in EV/EV charging stations/lighting/consumer/IOT applications & Realtek's solution will help in capturing a good market share.

6. In the process of driving the Indian market , more efficient living and working environment, how will Unisem Electronics and Realtek jointly address challenges?

Unisem's Design team has made a long term plan with Realtek . We have dedicated Design resources for design & dedicated sales teams for customer acquisition. Unisem is making available crucial data that will be very helpful for customers to quickly design in Realtek's products. Maximum knowledge repository of Realtek is on Unisem's website this is being constantly upgraded . This will be allow customer to design faster & with lesser iterations.

 Unisem's product information: https://unisemholdings.com/index.php/ble-modules/

7. How do you assess the future development trends of Unisem Electronics' main business in India?

Unisem is focused to become a market leader in ESDM and  is targeting the upcoming segments like IoT/EV/Consumer segments where Realtek's solutions can be a game changer.

8. Under the collaboration framework with Realtek, what are the long-term plans and goals of Unisem Electronics?

Unisem envisages to be a premium Realtek partner. We would like to be a market leader in segments that we operate like EVs/Consumer/Industrial automation segments.

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