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2024/4/29 16:05:39

Hoags Technologies CEO Velu N stated: “Realtek's SoC technology is renowned for its wide range of product applications and superiority, playing a crucial role in meeting the significant market demands in India's smart technology sector. The versatility and affordability inherent in Realtek's solutions have empowered us to effectively address a broad consumer base, thereby fostering growth and advancement in the smart technology landscape of the Indian market.”

Hoags Technologies focuses on the fields of Internet of Things (IoT), smart technology, artificial intelligence/machine learning, and voice/sound technology, offering comprehensive solutions that cover household appliances, facility management, and logistics. In collaboration with Realtek, we have developed a diverse range of Bluetooth and IoT solutions. These innovative achievements have successfully penetrated the brand market and have made significant strides in the Indian market. Currently, Hoags Technologies and Realtek are working closely in R&D to further unleash innovative potential and promote the realization of smart living and efficient work environments in Indian homes and businesses.

 Hoages product specification chart (all of our platforms are based on Realtek)

To delve deeper into the motivation and the story behind the collaboration between Hoags Technologies and Realtek, we have specially invited the CEO of Hoags Technologies, Velu N, to share insights on the future development prospects of both parties in the Indian market and the unique advantages brought about by this partnership.

1. Could you introduce the core business of Hoags Technologies and its market position in India?

Hoags Technologies specializes in IoT, Smartness, Ai/ML, and Voice/Sound technology within the domains of Appliances, Facility Management, and Logistics. Positioned as an advanced deep technology and Virtual ODM in India, Hoags is dedicated to introducing unique features for appliances and various domains. Our focus is to bring the latest technology to market at an affordable price for brands. Key value propositions include expertise in Local Voice, Machine Learning, Sound detection, and comprehensive end-to-end customer support.

Unique Offerings :

Offline Voice Control : Control the device with local voice with any/native language or commands as per the user preference

IoT Integration : Advanced IoT feature to control the device over BLE, WiFi and Cloud. Works with Alexa and Google actions

Cutting-Edge IPs : Noise Reduction, Noise Cancellation, Baby Cry detection, and ML for a smarter & safer home.

Analytics and Diagnostics Cloud : Track all device statuses for a better market experience, incorporate running ML models, and remotely debug the device for issues seamlessly.

End to End Support : We are a company that supports the customer completely through the product life cycle(Hardware Module, Firmware, Mobile APP, Cloud, Factory Tool, OTA etc) including in-house white label products.

2. What is the current situation and challenges faced by IoT smart appliances, AI/ML in the Indian market?

In the Indian market, the primary challenge lies in delivering technology to end-users at an affordable cost, given the cultural diversity with the high competition. Despite this, there is a substantial attraction for domestic and indigenous development in India. The growth rate for technology companies is notably high, and there is a considerable demand in the country. For IoT smart appliances and AI/ML to thrive, a more focused approach within specific domains is essential. Success lies in addressing the genuine needs of end-users to facilitate market growth effectively.

3. Given the rapid changes in technology and market in the tech industry, what key capabilities do you think a company needs to maintain competitiveness?

In the ever-evolving tech industry, maintaining competitiveness requires a steadfast focus on R&D, strategic partnership and innovation to address market needs. Offering turnkey solutions with comprehensive end-to-end support streamlines the process for brands to bring technology to market at an affordable price. The pursuit of a unique differentiation factor is crucial for brands seeking to position themselves ahead of the competition.

We team up with Realtek to add smart capabilities to global appliances brands. Our platforms offer cool features like Custom Local Voice, Baby Cry detection, Data Analytics, and Service App support. Plus, we've got standard IoT features like BLE, WiFi, and Cloud control for cutting-edge te  ch in smart home appliances. We cover everything from modules to mobile apps, Cloud services, complete product design and development, white label products, factory tools, and data analytics.

4. What was the reason for choosing to collaborate with Realtek?

The collaborative decision with Realtek was driven by a shared thought process and vision between Hoags and Realtek. Hoags serves as the front-end use case creator, system integrator, and local design house, utilizing Realtek's competitive SoC solution. This partnership forms a unique combination, strengthening both companies' presence in the technology market and enabling them to make significant strides together.

5. In this collaboration, what core technologies and advantages do Realtek and Hoags bring respectively?

In this collaboration, Realtek contributes dynamic variants of combo SoC with an attractive price point. Hoags, as the front end, brings extensive expertise in IoT, Smartness, Voice, and Cloud technologies. For instance, the Wi-Fi sensing and smart voice control launched in collaboration with Realtek, where Wi-Fi sensing technology can be used in baby rooms to detect every movement of the baby, and instantly transmit the room conditions to parents via messages, providing utmost peace of mind and convenience. On the other hand, smart voice control brings unprecedented convenience to life, especially for the elderly with mobility issues. They can now adjust the fan speed or execute various other functions through simple voice commands, significantly improving their quality of life.This combination positions Hoags closer to brands, facilitating the seamless addition of features to enhance their products and stand out in the market alongside satisfied customers.

  1.  Wi-Fi Sensing case sharing
  2.  Smart Voice Contrl case sharing

6. Can you share how Realtek's technology has helped you address the deficiencies in India's smart technology sector?

Realtek's SoC technology is renowned for its wide range of product applications and superiority, playing a crucial role in meeting the significant market demands in India's smart technology sector. The versatility and affordability inherent in Realtek's solutions have empowered us to effectively address a broad consumer base, thereby fostering growth and advancement in the smart technology landscape of the Indian market. Tackling the challenges of a volume market is a substantial undertaking, and having Realtek as our partner for SoC is a privilege that brings immense value to our capabilities and offerings.

7. How does collaborating with Realtek help Hoags Technologies expand its market business and increase its share in the AIoT sector?

Collaborating with Realtek significantly enhances Hoags Technologies' ability to expand its market presence and bolster its share in the AIoT sector. Our reputation for delivering exceptional features in IoT, Smartness, Voice, and Machine learning is closely tied to the utilization of Realtek's cutting-edge SoC ranges.

8. In the process of driving the Indian market towards a smarter, more efficient living and working environment, how will Hoags Technologies and Realtek jointly address challenges?

In steering the Indian market toward a smarter and more efficient living and working environment, the collaboration between Hoags Technologies and Realtek forms a well-integrated alliance, much like the cohesive nature of Realtek's SoCs. Together, we bring individually unique expertise in SoC and technology, allowing us to seamlessly introduce highly advanced specifications to the market. This partnership positions us to effectively address challenges and contribute to the realization of a smarter, more efficient living and working environment in India.

9. How do you assess the future development trends of India in the AIoT and smart home sectors?

We envision that AIoT will play a pivotal role in the future of appliance control, and we are actively guiding brands towards pioneering new trends by incorporating these advanced features into the market. Our assessment anticipates significant growth and transformative trends in the AIoT and smart home sectors in India, as technology continues to evolve and shape the way we interact with and manage our living spaces.

10. Under the collaboration framework with Realtek, what are the long-term plans and goals of Hoags Technologies?

Within the collaborative framework with Realtek, Hoags Technologies is dedicated to making a substantial impact on the global market for Appliances, AI, ML, IoT, and smart technologies. Our long-term plans involve a commitment to continuous refinement, aligning our focus closely with evolving market needs, and pioneering future technologies to drive the market forward. Together with Realtek, our goal is to play a significant role in shaping the future of Appliances AI, ML, IoT, and smartness on a global scale.

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