Make installing a Smart Switch easier

Use ultra-low energy BLE SoC as a main control to make a single live wire powered switch adapt to more lamps and lanterns. At the same time, simplify the installation of the switch, making the popularization of single live wire switch become possible.

Practical Application Case

Single Live Wire Switch

Advantage of Solution

Ultra-low power consumption

Ultra-low power consumption Mesh solution:
• Accepts gateway's message control;
• Reports device status message;
• Does not flash after turning off;
• High success rate.

Supports multi-protocol and multi-platform

Can access platforms such as Tmall, Xiaomi, and Xiaodu through BLE Mesh technology. Also, can access to universal gateway, enrich control method.

Completed development kits

Fully featured Mesh SDK that includes devices and gateway engineering, which greatly reduces customer's development workload and accelerates their implementation of a project.

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